Company Overview
Zone Technology Co. is an IT distribution company that specializes in bringing IT products and technology to the Libyan market.
With its affiliated companies, Zone has been distributing computer software and hardware to the Libyan market for over 13 years.
Zone is the only local Authorized Microsoft Distributor in Libya, selling the full range of Microsoft products and licenses. Including commercial and consumer products and services.
In addition to Microsoft, the company portfolio includes, and is not limited to, brands such as Microsoft, HP, Symantec, Sony, Kaspersky, Toshiba, and Dell.
As well as supplying the technology, Zone works to supply the knowledge to the market. This is done through regular training sessions for the products it sells, and by running awareness campaign to educate the resellers, who in turn, will educate their customers. Zone has recently established a training centre to aid in achieving this goal.
Zone is also a service provider for Satellite Communications equipment and services. These include Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium services, for both, land and maritime customers.

Company History
Zone technology is part of a two companies that cover a wide range of products to Libya and the Middle East. The second company is Al Namaa General Trading.
Al Namaa is a trading company based in Dubai, and since 1997, has been supplying the IT market in Libya with computer products and accessories.

Company Strategy
The Libyan IT market is considered to be in its infancy, coming out from a long period of embargo, the government is trying to catch-up with the local region. This is in terms of implementing new technology in governmental establishments and educational institutions. To speed up this processor, the government is working with the private sector to cater for the needs, and is investing considerable amounts of money to accomplish these ambitions.
Zone is working to place itself in the right position to be one of the key players in this important trend. By making sure that it is ready by investing in both capital and in people.
For Microsoft, Zone Technology is the only local Microsoft distributor in Libya, and for that it is working very hard with Microsoft to promote the use of Microsoft technology. This is done by firstly making sure those Microsoft products and services are readily available to the channels and at a competitive price. Secondly, by educating the channel to the importance of using genuine software, teaching them about the different products. Zone and Microsoft have been running awareness campaigns, promotions, seminars and event.

Sales Channels
Zone technology is based in Tripoli, which is the capital and where most of the IT business takes place.
It has a network of over 180 active resellers, who are mainly based in Tripoli, and some are based in the two other main cities in Libya. These are namely, Benghazi and Misurata. We also have some other sales channels in the south of Libya.

Zone Technology has access to its own fleet of vans, and large warehouses based just outside Tripoli. It also owns a couple of buildings based in the heart of Tripoli.

Zone Technology, is the only Microsoft Authorized Distributor in Libya.

Being on the resellers list is by no means an endorsement by Microsoft, nor it is an endorsement by Zone Technology.
How to buy?

- You can contact us to become one of our resellers network.
- End customers please contact our resellers to get your software.
- Please CLICK HERE for a full list of our resellers*.

Kindly note that our contact number has changed to 021 7203670

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